Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Glitter Graphics

Ishacool here.

I was watching a T.V documentary recently and I thought it was interesting so am gonna share. It’s about psychopathic tendencies. “A psychopath is a person with an anti-social personality disorder, it usually shows in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or abnormal behaviour without sympathy or regret (Google definition lol)” As I am watching this documentary it started to ring alarms bells to me, it was like they were describing my ex bf Harvester_Justin off Msp. I have always wondered why Justin was the way he is. He has cheated on every single girlfriend he’s dated and numerous times.

See, no one knows Justin like I do, he will tell you anything to make you believe and feel sorry for him after he's done wrong. He will apologise a million times for his mistakes and say it won’t happen again and agree with every bad name you call him or even laugh it off. I guess that's how he gets girls to trust him again. But, leave him for 5 minutes and he’s off again doing the same dam thing. Quite honestly I’m not surprise he has a new gf just after a few days we broke up and that he’s cheated on her already. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

P.S: I bet you learned something today just like I did. A Psychopath doesn’t have to be a killer. They come in all shapes and packages. Pls seek professional help Justin, for your own good, because I hear your condition will get worse and become permanent.

Trust me hes faking it! he only made this art book so you guys feel sorry for him Lol, if he was really sorry and really loved isha, would he get a new gf already a few seconds later? I think not!! .. (by pandypolo)


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  2. Its true what she says,
    I think he needs mental help, ..
    I am really, Disapointed in the low life scum bag called justin!

  3. Awww isha I'm gonna cry ppl feel sorry for him wen it's all a lie!!xx he's just a worthless scumbag leave him to rot lol he's PURE EVIL!!xx love u isha xx

  4. he just acting like an idiot! are you muslim isha or pandy and add me on msp 1annie11 he is a bitch seriously...

  5. good for you for breaking up with him isha! You should be proud of urself!