Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hi pandypolo here

I've been away for a while, so ishacool has been keeping the blog up to date and must say has done a pretty good job.. and omg.. we have million views already !!! Thanks so much guys, hope you continue to view, we'll try to update the blog with many interesting things as possible  so you got to tell us what you want to see! anyways I won't be able to come on MSP now so I'm just going to leave a little message for you here isha! (I MISSS YOUUU!!).. Byee everyone take care, until I see you ;) xoxoxox


  1. I am literally sitting on my floor bawling my eyes out, that's how much I miss you Polo :( What am I going to do? There's no me without you. I am counting the days until I see you. Pls check your emails for my messages.


    1. its so sweet how you are so close xd

      and i hope i see u soon x

      i will keep viewing dont worry xd

  2. OMG bff power! I'm close my my bff love_doctor36 and you two remind me of me and her!!! I'll keep the views coming don't worry :P xx

    miss piggy60

  3. U two really are close :)
    Feel soz for u isha, hope polo goes on msp soon for youhh xx
    Emmie :D

  4. If you take Pandypolo from moviestarplanet thats liek taking, The sun from the sky, Or the shinnning star from the sky D:!

  5. You and Isha are sure BFF's! Awh The Power Of Bff's...makes me Cry D: From Krazy Keesha I Hope You And Isha Stay BFF's FORVER. ;D x